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20 Popular Men’s Jewelry Brands

    Men’s jewelry has become quite trendy over the years. There are countless brands out there offering stylish and affordable options for both genders. Whether you want to go classic or edgy or aesthetic, there’s something for everyone. They are part of our daily lives and they represent us. Men love wearing them because they look good and add style to their outfits.

    Below we’ve compiled some of the popular men’s jewellery brands in the world today and what they’re doing that really sets them apart.

    David Yurman

    The British jewelry designer David Yurman is known for creating some of the most sought-after pieces in the world. His signature designs include the cable bracelet he introduced during the 1980s that remains popular today. In addition to his work designing jewelry, David Yurman is a philanthropist whose foundation supports art education programs across North America. David Yurman is also a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

    Bleue Burnham

    Before establishing his eponymous men’s jewelry label, Bleue Burnham worked at Oliver Spencers as Head of Sustainability. He saw how important it was to keep things sustainable – and he wanted to do something about it.

    So you’ll be unsurprised to hear that his namesake brand is really into recycling. Gemstone-loving Bleu Burnham makes bracelets, rings, and necklaces from salvaged precious metals, and donates a percentage of each sale to carbon reduction schemes, like tree planting projects.

    Le Gramme

    The French label gets its name from the gramme unit of measurement used in France. But it’s also a reference to the fact that founder Alain Gramme worked in the textile industry during his youth. He took inspiration from his work experience and began creating handmade jewelry while studying fashion design at art school. In 1999 he launched his eponymous label. Today, the brand is known for its clean, minimalistic designs and high-quality materials.

    All Blues

    Scandinavia’s most stylish men’s accessories label All Blues was founded in 2010 by friends Fredrick Nathorst and Jacob Skragg. With a mission to champion ethical sourcing and produce high-quality, well-crafted jewelry, All Blue’s collections are crafted in Sweden out of responsibly sourced metals such as 925 sterling silver and sterling silver plated in 18-Karat gold.

    The collection features bold designs, large sizes, and unique finishes, including polished stones, brushed rhodium, and oxidized bronze. Each piece is hand finished and engraved with the All Blues logo.

    Martine Ali

    Martine Ali is an independent jewelry designer based in New York City who focuses on creating wearable art. She works in sterling silver and gold, creating pieces that are delicate, feminine, and wearable. Martine Ali’s designs are influenced by the people she meets, the places she visits, and the things she experiences, making each piece unique and special.

    The proposition of hefty chain necklaces and bracelets read like a refined take on rap bling, but that’s not to say these won’t make for good keepsakes, either. The Cuban bracelet and wallet chain in particular carries a streetwise gravitas.

    John Hardy

    John Hardy is a Hong Kong-based luxury jewelry design company founded in 2009. Its products are inspired by nature and the arts of Asia, combining traditional Bali and classical European jewelry-making techniques. The men’s jewelry can also be characterized as bold, exotic, and somewhat mystical. In 2011, it launched its first collection of women’s jewelry.

    Tiffany & Co.

    The iconic American jeweler Tiffany & Co. has been offering men’s jewelry for nearly a century — since 1917, to be exact. But for the first time ever, the brand has launched a limited edition collection called Makers, dedicated entirely to men. Each piece features a signature Tiffany & Co. logo engraved into the band.

    In addition, many of the pieces designed specifically for men include elements such as diamonds, pearls, gold plating, and gemstones. Tiffany & Co. partnered with Dover Street Market to design the pieces. They describe it as a “sophisticated capsule wardrobe” for all metal men’s jewelry. The style of men’s jewelry sold at Tiffany & Co. is adapted from classic designs found in the women’s jewelry collection. For example, the iconic Tiffany Blue Boxes are inspired by the Tiffany Blue Boxes used by the company’s female customers. 

    Luis Morais

    The Miami-based jewelry line incorporated color with precious stones and metals for statement-making pieces such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Inspired by his travels, Morais crafted unique designs that are both elegant and playful. His work features gems like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, pearls, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium.


    The Brooklyn-based designer makes jewelry that looks just as beautiful worn alone as it does layer over multiple outfits. She creates pieces that look both modern and timeless. Her designs feature sterling silver, brass, copper, and gold plated hardware. But what sets her apart from others is her attention to detail and use of colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and black.

    Hatton Labs

    Beloved by Tottenham rapper Skepta and Palace Skateboards co-founder Sonny Hall, Hatton Gardens-based Hatton Labs makes affordable contemporary jewelry largely from recycled scrap metal.

    The London-based label uses 3D printing technology to make bespoke pieces including opal rings, pearl necklaces, and pendants. As well as being a fun way to recycle, it’s environmentally friendly too – with less material used, there are fewer emissions produced.


    The brand is an American boutique jeweler that makes all its jewelry itself. Located in New York City, it was founded in 2009 by brothers Paul and Michael Miansai. They are both graduates of the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and each brings his unique style and skill set to the brand. Their designs are inspired by nature, travel, culture, and the environment around them.

    Giles & Brother

    A staple in the men’s jewelry category, Giles & Brother focuses on metal rather than stone. However, they do offer some colorful beads and threads from time to time. The pieces are substantial without being overbearing. Their work is inspired by nature and the natural world. “We try to make jewelry that has an organic feel to it,” says Tom. “It’s about making something that feels right.

    Alex Orso

    A firm believer in the KISSE design mantra (Keep it Simple Stupid), London-based (actually London Bridge) men’s jewelry label, Alex Orso, flaunts the flag for understated elegance. With a focus on minimalism and simplicity, the brand offers a range of pendants, cufflinks, and rings that are cast from sterling silver, brass, and palladium and then plated with 22k gold.

    The pieces are inspired by the city itself – the bridge, the river Thames, the buildings, and landmarks that make up the capital. They’re designed to complement each other rather than compete, creating a harmonious balance of form and function. Each piece is handcrafted in the UK by skilled craftsmen and is finished off with a discreet hallmarking process.


    Inspired by the epic poetry written by Italian author Dante Alighieri, the Alighieri collection features handcrafted jewelry pieces that are designed to evoke powerful emotions such as love, hope, and fear. Each piece in the collection is crafted from precious metals, gemstones, and semi-precious stones.

    The collection includes chain bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, brooches, and necklaces. All items feature detailed engravings and inscriptions based on the original lines and themes found in Dante’s work.


    Cartier is a French luxury jewelry and watches manufacturer. Known for its iconic diamond-studded watches, Cartier has been around since 1847. In fact, it was founded by Louis-François Bertrand, known today as “The King of Jewelers,” who revolutionized the jewellery industry. Today, Cartier continues to innovate and push boundaries in design, technology, materials, and craftsmanship.

    Hannah Martin

    Like her edgy, alternative jewelry designs, Hannah Martin’s approach to business was somewhat unorthodox. She began her career studying fashion illustration at Central Saint Martins College in London before moving to Paris where she worked for luxury brands including Chanel and Louis Vuitton. After spending some time in New York City working with leading designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, Martin returned to London determined to start her own label.

    The name “Hannah Martin” came about because it represents both the person behind the brand and the collection itself. Martin wanted something unique, quirky, and fun that reflected her personality and style.

    Tom Wood

    Oslo-based fashion label Tom Wood creates small-scale, handmade collections in sterling silver or 18-karat gold. Its collection includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. All pieces are designed in Norway and crafted by skilled artisans.

    The brand aims to make a positive impact on the world around it, sourcing stones from local mines and working with suppliers who follow strict codes of conduct. This ethos extends to the brand’s headquarters, where it runs entirely on renewable electricity and ensures that no waste goes into landfill.


    Versace’s men’s jewelry is all about being loud, brash, and over-the-top. The Italian fashion house returns to Selfridges with a collection of jewelry designed to make a statement. Like its loud, logo-emblazoned puffers, gold-studdered backpacks, and prodigious shoes, 

    Big, bold, and boisterously bohemian, it features thick chains, chunky bracelets, and gargantuan signet rings. There’s even a medusa head logo – a symbol of power and strength – emblazoned across everything from necklaces to cufflinks.

    Stephen Webster

    A pioneer of Fairtrade gold since 2006, Webster was awarded an MBEs for his services to the industry in 2013. Two years later, he was named Jewellery designer of the year at the annual GEM Awards, while in 2011 he won the British Jewellers Association’s International Goldsmith of the Year prize. Five years earlier, Webster had already achieved international recognition with the Couture Design Prize, winning the award for ‘best in innovation.

    Deakin & Francis

    The Deakins & Francis are a long way removed from their start in 1786. Their grandfather Joseph founded the firm in 1829, and his son William expanded it into what it is today. In fact, there are still three generations of Deakins working together at the family business, and they’ve been doing so since the 1930s.

    In the 1970s, the company moved to larger premises in Birmingham, where it continues to operate. And while the company hasn’t always had such high standards, the Deakins’ workmanship has remained impeccable throughout.

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