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32 Best Golf Clothing Brands

    golf clothing brands

    The game of golf has become very popular over the last decade. As such, the demand for golf clothes has increased significantly. If you want to play better or enjoy the sport more, then you need to invest in quality golf apparel.

    Golfers spend thousands of dollars on their equipment every year. They also spend hundreds of dollars on accessories like shoes, bags, and hats. In addition, they purchase expensive clothing items from top brand names.

    If you want to look good out on the course and feel comfortable, then you should consider buying some golf clothes from these top 30 golf clothing brands.

    Adidas Golf

    The German sportswear giant has been growing steadily since it entered the golf industry in 2004. Today, Adidas is one of the largest players in both the golf shoe market and the golf shirt market. In fact, according to Forbes, Adidas is the third-largest sports apparel manufacturer behind Nike and Under Armour.

    In addition to being a major player in golf, Adidas has built up a strong roster of pro athletes to endorse its products. These include American tennis star Serena Williams, English soccer star Gareth Bale, British Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty, French tennis player Gael Monfils, Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, Australian cricket star Steve Smith, and many others.

    Nike Golf

     Nike offers a complete line of golfer’s clothing including polo shirts, short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, jackets, hoodies, sweatpants, socks, and rainwear. They offer some of the most fabulous sports shoes, including Air Jordan golf shoes, cleats, spikes, and sandals. You can also find various accessories such as hats, glasses, cell phones, watches, wallets, and belts.

    Under Armour Golf 

    Under Armour has always been known for its athletic wear, but it recently expanded beyond running and basketball apparel. Now, it wants to make a name for itself in the world of golf. The company launched its golf division, which focuses on apparel and footwear. Its flagship product is the UA Element Collection, which includes polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts.

    The brand does offer a variety of bags, balls, clubs, gloves, and shoes. However, its main focus is on golf shirts. These are designed to fit snugly against the body without being too tight. The shirts come in three different styles: short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and button-down. Each style features a unique design and color scheme.

    There are many brands out there that sell golf clothes, but few companies have invested in creating a complete collection like Under Armour. This makes the UA Element Collection stand out among competitors.

    Puma Golf 

    The brand is owned by Cobra Golf, which makes golf clubs. But it doesn’t make those clubs themselves. Instead, it sells apparel and accessories under the Puma name.

    In addition to its golf products, Puma offers a complete line of golfer’s clothing including shirts, pants, shorts, and shoes. It even sells belts, socks, golf bags, and other accessories.

    Peter Miller Golf

    The name says it all. Peter Millar is one of the most popular brands out there for golfers looking for premium gear. Not only do they make great products, but they go above and beyond what others are doing. They cater to golf enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. From casual players to professionals, Peter Millar is here for you.

    Matte Grey Golf 

    Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Matte Grey offers a wide variety of products that help you play better, including polo shirts, golf polos, golf shorts, golf pants, and golf socks. Their goal is simple: make every golfer look good while playing great.


    The company was founded by Travis Mathew, a former professional golfer. He wanted to make his own golf clothing line. TravisMathew began manufacturing tee shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, and bottoms. His products are sold online and at retail stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Foot Locker.

    He has also begun producing golf shoes, hats, belts, and sunglasses. You can find his golf apparel on the PGL Tour – both Keegan Bradley and William “Billie” Gordon are brand ambassadors.

    Greyson Golf 

    The company offers a wide range of golf products including apparel, shoes, hats, gloves, bags, and even a few accessories like putter covers and driver covers. Their most popular product however is their golf shirts. These shirts come in a variety of modern designs and colors, and you can find something for everyone. There is no shortage of styles either. From classic polos to sporty tees, there is something for every type of golfer out there.

    Calvin Klein Golf 

    The iconic American fashion house has long been associated with sportswear. From its inception in 1968, it has built its reputation on men’s clothing designed to enhance athletic performance. Today, Calvin Klein offers apparel for women, children, and even dogs. But one of its most popular categories is golf — both men’s and women’s.

    Calvin Klein’s primary offering includes polo golf shirts and cool weather gear such as fleeces, jackets, and vests. And while there are many brands out there that offer similar products, none of them come close to the quality, style, and craftsmanship of CK. While we love our Polo Ralph Lauren polos, we think you might like CK’s golf collection better.

    Hugo Boss Golf 

    The German luxury brand Hugo Boss offers a range of products for men and women. They are especially known for their clothing, accessories, and shoes. But did you know that they also offer golf products? Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t have to go to a pro shop to buy some golf gear anymore. Just head over to their website where you’ll find everything you could possibly want.

    There are pullover jackets, polos, T-shirts, shorts, socks, and even golf bags. And there are plenty of brands to choose from too. So whether you’re looking for a casual look or something more formal, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for here.

    Bonobos Golf

    In addition to offering apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, and equipment, Bonobos now offers a complete line of golf clothing. Their polo shirts are one of a few brands that offer a variety of different styles, including short sleeves, long sleeves, button-downs, and even turtlenecks. Their pants come in several different lengths and fits, and you can choose from four different colors. They offer a wide range of socks, too.

    The brand has aggressively moved into the golf apparel market and signed PGA Tour professional Justin Rose to wear their clothes. You can buy full outfits designed by Justin Rose here.

    Ralph Lauren Golf 

    Polo Golf Ralph Lauren offers men’s and women’s layering, polo shirts, men’s pants, and women’s skirts. Their golf brand also includes off-course casualwear.

    The brand’s collection of clothing and accessories is designed to be versatile enough to work both on and off the course. They offer a variety of styles, including sporty separates, tailored trousers, button-down shirts, sweaters, blazers, jackets, and dresses. All items come in classic colors like black, white, gray, navy blue, khaki green, and red.

    Dunning Golf 

    Dunning Golf Products was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. They offer performance clothing designed specifically for golfers. The brand focuses on providing high-quality garments that help players improve their game. In addition to apparel, they sell accessories such as bags, shoes, and hats.

    The brand offers men’s and women’s golf clothing. For men, there are three main categories: polos, button-downs, and crewnecks. Women’s offerings include dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets, and cardigans.

    Lacoste Golf 

    The French luxury brand known for its iconic crocodile logo has expanded into golf apparel with a complete collection of men’s and women’s clothing. From shirts to shorts, there are plenty of choices for every golfer. Men’s items include polos, button-downs, vests, and even blazers. Women’s offerings include tops, sweaters, dresses, skirts, and pants. Accessories like hats, gloves, scarves, and sunglasses round out the selection.

    Galvin Green Golf 

    Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their golf game. Galvin Green offers everything you need to enjoy the game. From shirts, shorts, pants, laying, and hats to umbrellas, belts, and shoes, we provide it all. We offer great prices, excellent customer service, and fast shipping. If you’re looking for something specific, just give us a call. We’ll help you find what you need.

    Rhone Golf

    Rhone is a men’s fashion brand that includes a golf clothing department. Their clothes are meant to be worn while playing golf, and they offer a full range of products including polos, shorts, slacks, and long sleeve shirts.

    As far as golfers’ clothing goes, there are some great options out there. You can find everything from classic styles like button-down oxford shirts to casual tees and tanks. If you want something a little different, check out the Rhone collection. These pieces include dresses, jackets, skirts, and even accessories like hats and scarves.


    KJUS is an outdoor clothing and accessories company based out of Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2000, the company offers products such as rainwear, layering pieces, polo shirts, and pants. Their clothes are designed to keep you warm and dry while keeping you comfortable during those cold winter months.


    Golfers looking for some new gear can now shop Linksoul’s online store. The retailer offers a wide variety of items including apparel, footwear, accessories, bags, balls, clubs, and much more. Linksoul’s offerings are diverse enough to appeal to both casual and serious players. Whether you want to look good while playing or just feel comfortable during your round, Linksoul has something for everyone.


    FootJoy offers a wide variety of products for golfers of all ages and skill levels. From shirts and hats to sunglasses and bags, there’s something for everyone. Their clothing is designed to help keep players comfortable during long rounds of play. Some items even come with built-in GPS systems to track stats like distance traveled and how far shots went.

    Waggle Golf 

    Waggle Golf offers golf apparel like shirts, polos, caps, and hats. They are a casual brand, their products are designed to make people feel comfortable while playing golf. They focus on quality over quantity and offer a variety of styles to fit every golfer. You can find Waggle Golf online and at retail stores across the United States.

    Champion Golf

    While it may seem like every major sporting goods store carries some form of golf gear, there are still plenty of brands out there that many people don’t know about. One such brand is Champion Golf Products. While the name might sound familiar, most consumers wouldn’t think of Champion as being geared toward golfers.

    However, that’s exactly what they do. Their products range from clothing, footwear, accessories, bags, and even golfing equipment. There are multiple items that are perfect for those looking to hit the course during the fall months.


    The Swedish brand J.Lindeberg has been making waves since it launched in 19966. The company sells apparel and accessories for men and women, including shirts, shorts, pants, shoes, hats, and belts. In addition, they sell a complete range of golf equipment, such as bags, balls, gloves, tees, and clubs.

    The brand is known for its high-quality materials and attention to detail. Their clothing features moisture-wicking technology, breathable quality fabrics, and UV protection. All of their products are designed to withstand the rigors of competition.

    Devereux Golf 

    Devereux makes great golf apparel and accessories. Their focus is on quality over quantity. The brand offers a wide variety of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. You’ll find everything from polos and t-shirts to hoodies and jackets.

    And don’t forget about the kid’s section either. They have shirts, shorts, pants, socks, hats, gloves, and shoes. They also carry a large selection of junior products such as tees, balls, bags, and clubs. Not just for boys, there are plenty of girlie options too.

    Mizzen + Main Golf 

    The apparel brand founded in 2012  by brothers Dan and Scott McWilliams is best known for making high-quality golf shirts. They offer men’s and women’s styles, including polos, button-downs, vests, and sweaters. Their products are often sold in golf shops, sporting goods stores, and department stores.

    Birds of Condor 

    Birds of Condor has been providing quality products to golfers around the world. They are now offering a wide variety of apparel and accessories including polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and much more. Their goal is to provide the best customer experience possible while helping you look good doing it.

    Original Penguin Golf 

    The Original Penguin Golf Company is a brand that offers apparel for men and women. They are known for producing high-quality products that are designed to keep you comfortable while playing golf. Their clothing ranges from casual shirts to polo shirts, to golf hats. You can find their products online at

    G/FORE Golf 

    Best known for its golf shoes and accessories, G/FORE also makes golf gloves, polos, and shirts for both men and women, along with golf bags, hats, socks, and sunglasses. Founded in 2004, the brand quickly grew into a global leader in golf apparel. In 2011, the company launched G/FORE Golf Shoes, expanding into footwear and creating golf gloves, polo pants, and short sets. Today, G/FORE products are sold in over 30 countries around the world.

    Wolsey Golf 

    The golf collection at Wolsey consists of pants, shorts, and shirts, but it’s best known for its knitwear. The brand offers long sleeve sweaters and hoodies that work well both on and off the course and is one of the few brands offering a wide variety of styles and colors.

    Castore Golf

    The Castore brand has been around since 2015, and it’s grown into one of the most popular brands in golf apparel. In addition to making some very nice clothing, Castore offers a wide variety of accessories such as gloves, bags, socks, shoes, and head covers. They even make a few different types of jackets. However, Castore doesn’t just focus on golfing gear; they offer a range of outdoor clothing including raincoats, windbreakers, and coats.

    Orlebar Brown Golf 

    The brand Orlebar Brown is known for its swimsuit designs, but it offers many other golf products too. The company specializes in making shirts, pants, jackets, and accessories for men and women. In addition to clothing, you can buy hats, sunglasses, bags, shoes, and even socks. If you want to go out and play some golf, there’s no better place to shop than Orlebar Brown.

    Peak Performance Golf 

    When it comes to golf apparel, there are many brands out there that offer premium gear. However, few companies provide the level of performance and style that Peak Performance does. This California-based company offers a wide range of outerwear designed specifically for the golfer. From jackets and vests to pants and shorts, Peak Performance provides everything you need to stay comfortable while playing some golf.

    Lululemon Golf

    In addition to their activewear, Lululemon offers golf products including polos, short sleeve button down shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, tights, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, pullovers, vests, and shorts. Their socks are designed specifically for golf, too. They even have a full range of accessories like hats, gloves, shoes, bags, and sunglasses.

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