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21 Best Work Boot Brands

    Work boots are essential for every person who spends time working outdoors or around heavy machinery. Whether you are looking for a pair of steel-toe boots or a rugged leather boot, these brands offer top-quality footwear at affordable prices.

    Work boots aren’t just for construction workers anymore. Today, they’re worn by farmers, gardeners, landscapers, mechanics, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, roofers, and other outdoor professionals. In addition to protecting your feet from the weather, these boots can improve your posture and increase your comfort level.

    A good pair of work boots can last years, saving you hundreds of dollars over the course of a lifetime. There are dozens of brands out there, but only a handful offer quality at a price you can afford. These 21 brands offer great quality work boots at affordable prices.


    Carhartt Inc., founded in 1889 in Dearborn Michigan, is one of America’s most trusted brands. With roots in manufacturing work clothing for factory workers, Carhartt now offers a wide range of apparel, footwear, accessories, and home products for men, women, and children.

    The company’s iconic logo – three stripes down the leg – represents the durability and quality of Carhartt’s work wear. The brand has grown into a global leader in outdoor apparel, offering consumers high-performance gear built to withstand the elements.

    Ever Boots

    Ever Boots are a shoe brand that offers high-quality products at affordable prices. Their goal is simple: provide customers with great boots that are durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. Founded in 2012, Ever Boots has grown into one of Australia’s leading boot brands.

    The company prides itself on being an ethical shoemaker, sourcing leather from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. All of their products are ethically sourced and manufactured. This includes their premium leather uppers, which come from Australian tanneries and mills. They use environmentally friendly packaging and high-quality materials, and they donate 10% of sales revenue to charity.


    Caterpillar is a name synonymous with heavy machinery and construction equipment. Founded in 1919, it is one of the oldest names in the boot industry. During World War I, Caterpillar produced tools and engines for tanks, planes, and ships. In fact, the company still manufactures some of those same products today.

    The company’s logo is recognizable around the globe, featuring a big yellow M symbol and a caterpillar. The yellow color represents safety, while the caterpillar design represents reliability. Caterpillar even uses the slogan “Built Tough. We Build On It.”


    Blundstone is Australia’s oldest boot maker and it’s been around since 1870. The brand is known for its heavy-duty and robust designs, which are ideal for those working in labor-intensive environments. In fact, their Classic Blunnies feature elastic side panels and no laces, making them easy to slip on. These workmanship standards are reflected in the quality of the product; each pair of boots is handcrafted in Tasmania, Australia.


    Ariat has been producing western-inspired footwear since the 1990s. Its style is perfect for riders and people who spend lots of time outdoors. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular brands for men and women alike. From casual to dressy occasions, athletes around the world wear them – including NBA stars like LeBron James and Steph Curry.

    The brand offers quality products for every occasion, including casual wear, dress shoes, sandals, slippers, kids’ shoes, and accessories. For example, the Ariat Men’s Cowboy Boot has a leather upper with a soft lining and a rubber sole. It features a removable insole and a cushioned footbed for extra comfort.

    Justin Boots

    Justin Boots began making boots in 1879 in Indianapolis, Indiana. They were originally designed for cowboys working on the open range. Today, the brand offers a wide variety of styles including hiking, hunting, cowboy, and dress boots. These boots are built to endure whatever conditions you throw at them. In fact, they’re even waterproof boots. And because they’re handmade, every pair of boots is unique. If it’s rugged durability you crave, look no further than the Justin Boot Company.

    Timberland Pro

    Timberland Pro boots are a great choice for workers who spend a lot of their day outdoors. They offer supreme comfort thanks to the soft leather lining and padded collar along with a durable rubber outsole. In addition, they come in several styles including lace-up, slip-on, zip, and even boot cut. This model features a lightweight construction that makes it ideal for outdoor activities.

    Dr. Martens

    The Dr. Martens brand was founded in 1947 by Klaus Merten, a German shoemaker. He wanted to make shoes that could withstand heavy use, and he succeeded – his designs became extremely popular among punks and rockers worldwide.

    Dr. Martens boots have been worn by many legendary musicians such as John Lydon, Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Morrissey, Kurt Cobain, Pete Doherty, Ian Curtis, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and many others.


    Danner is one of the oldest companies making outdoor clothing and equipment. Founded in 1932, it offers a wide range of products including footwear, apparel, outerwear, camping gear, bags, and accessories. They offer a variety of styles and colors, and you can find everything you need to keep your feet dry and comfortable while exploring the great outdoors.

    Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson is the oldest manufacturer of motorcycles in America. Founded in 1903, it’s been around long enough to see the rise and fall of many industries. But it still exists today, thanks to its iconic bikes and quality products.

    The brand is known for its powerful engines, stylish designs, and legendary durability. They’ve even survived the Great Depression, World War II, and the oil crises of the 1970s. Today, they’re still making some of the best motorcycles money can buy.


    Chippewa has been making tough, comfortable work boots since 1901. They are known for producing some of the best boots around, and we’re proud to carry their collection here at Amazon. These boots are built strong enough to handle a day of hard labor, while still being lightweight enough to wear comfortably throughout the day. With features like double stitching, leather lining, and rubber soles, Chippewa boots are sure to keep you comfortable no matter what your job entails.


    Maelstrom is a brand of combat boots designed specifically for use by law enforcement officers, soldiers, and others who work in extreme environments. They are built tough enough to handle the rigors of police work, firefighting, SWAT, and even military operations. Made from durable materials like leather, suede, and nylon, they can take a beating while still looking good.


    Wolverine was founded in 1883. They’re famous for their 1000 Mile Boots. These boots are handcrafted in the same ways as they were in the early days. They’re great for tough jobs and comfortable too.

    With a waterproof Gore-Tex lining and treated leather, these boots will last you for 1000+ miles and are timeless in design. Their boots are known for being tough, durable, stylish, and comfortable work boots. They are even used by some of the world’s most elite athletes. These boots are handcrafted in the same way they were in the beginning and are perfect for harsh environments.


    Hi-Tec shoes are known worldwide for being comfortable and durable boots. Their products include work boots, hunting boots, trail running shoes, and women’s footwear. In addition to providing comfort anywhere you go, they are designed to keep feet dry and protected from the elements.

    The company began manufacturing high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment in 1974. Today, it offers a wide range of products, including jackets, pants, shirts, hats, gloves, socks, and tents. Its mission is to provide quality goods while maintaining good customer service.

    Irish Setter

    Irish setters are versatile dogs. They make great family pets, working companions, and even guard dogs. These sturdy little dogs love to play ball and chase sticks. Their short coats help keep them warm during cold winters. And because they don’t shed much hair, they’ll look good no matter what season it is.

    Under Armour

    Under Armour was launched in 1996 with the goal of creating products that would help athletes perform better. Today, it continues to push the boundaries of performance apparel, providing high-performance athletic gear that helps people achieve their goals. From running shoes to tennis rackets, to baseball bats and beyond, UA offers a wide variety of products designed to keep athletes safe, comfortable, and confident while performing at their best.


    Thorogood has been making quality work boots for over 130 years. Their most popular model is the “No Name” work boots. They feature a Goodyear Welt construction, and high-quality leather uppers and come in several different styles. The original design came about during the late 1800s when telephone lines were being installed throughout America.

    The telephone lineman had to spend long hours working outside in extreme weather conditions. He needed strong boots to protect his feet from cuts and abrasions while he climbed poles and ran wires. These boots became known as “No Name Boots.” Today, Thorogood continues to make boots just like those worn by telephone linemen of old.

    Keen Utility

    Keen Utility boots are built to take on anything Mother Nature throws at you. They’re designed to keep feet dry, even under the most extreme weather conditions. These boots are waterproof, breathable, and durable enough to withstand everything nature can throw at them. You’ll never feel like you’re walking around in slippers again.


    Dexter is one of those boot brands that we don’t think about much. But it’s been around for over 60 years now, and it’s still going strong. They make some pretty cool stuff, like work boots, safety footwear, and even hiking boots. But what really makes them stand out are their workwear options. Their classic workboots come in a variety of styles, including steel toe and high-quality leather. We love the rugged style of boot and the fact that they’re built to last. These are great for anyone working outside all day long.


    Operating since 1897, Filson offers an array of durable work boots that are built to withstand whatever you throw at them. These rugged and durable shoes are perfect for those working outdoors, whether it’s on construction sites, farms, or anywhere else where there’s dirt underfoot. With styles ranging from classic slip-on to high-top boots, Filson makes sure that every man has a pair of boots that fits his needs.

    Golden Fox

    Golden Fox is a boot brand based in New York City. Founded in 1970, the company designs and manufactures high-quality men’s and women’s shoes and accessories. They are known for creating innovative styles that are designed to withstand daily use. Their products include casual slip-on loafers, walking heels, wedges, sandals, slippers, sneakers, dress shoes, moccasins, and booties. Golden Fox has been recognized by many publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and WWD.

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