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The 12 Best Ski Brands

    best ski brands

    Skiing is one of the most enjoyable winter sports around. Whether you prefer downhill or cross country, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the snow. The only problem is choosing the right equipment. There are several things to consider before purchasing a new pair of skis.

    Skiing is a great way to get fit and stay active during the cold months. However, it requires proper equipment to ensure safety and comfort. There are several things to consider before buying skis and other equipment.

    When it comes time to buy a new pair of skis there are probably a handful of ski brands that come to mind. This article provides information on choosing the best skis for beginners.


    Nordica is one of the most trusted brands in skiing worldwide. Founded in 1939, it has been producing quality products since then. With over 80 years of experience, the brand has become synonymous with high performance and innovation.

    In addition to developing innovative products for the skier, Nordica focuses on providing support to the industry and promoting safety and environmental awareness. In fact, the company is committed to reducing waste and protecting our planet.

    The Nordica Enforce­er (Santa Ana for women’s skis) is one of the most popular ski models because of its ability to crush through almost any snow condition while maintaining excellent stability thanks to its carbon/metal layup in the core.

    Black Diamond

    The brand known for making the best technical skis around, Black Diamond, is now offering a full range of touring bindings. These bindings come in three different models, including the Recon, Helios, and Carbon. All of these bindings feature a molded plastic frame that keeps weight down and stiffness up, letting you enjoy a great tour without feeling like you’re carrying a ton of gear.

    These bindings work well with a wider array of touring boots than traditional touring bindings do, too. You can use them with a wide variety of boot styles, such as Salewa’s popular K2, Salomon’s XA Pro, and Montane’s Quest.


    Blizzard has been making skis since 1981. They are known for their high quality, speed, and durability. Their skis are designed specifically to help people push themselves further, faster, and longer. There are three main types of Blizzard skis: freestyle, cruiser, and alpine.

    Each type is suited to different types of skiing. Freestyle skis are great for carving, jumping, and tricks. Cruisers are great for cruising and touring. Alpinists are great for powder days and deeper snow.

    DPS Skis

    DPS stands for Dynamic Performance Skiing. And while those words don’t exactly scream “ski company,” you’d be surprised how much attention they pay to every aspect of their equipment. From the materials used to build their skis to the waxes they use, everything about their products is designed to give skiers the best performance possible.

    Their skis are not cheap. But there’s a good reason for it. While many companies focus solely on the aesthetics of their product, DPS takes a different approach. Instead of focusing on looks alone, they put equal emphasis on creating the most functional ski possible. This includes taking advantage of the latest and greatest technologies and incorporating them into their designs.

    A great example of this is the Phantom Wax treatment. Apply one coat and your skis are ready to go for years. Because DPS skis are built to last, you’ll want to invest in some of their waxes.


    Rossignol is one of skiing’s iconic brands. Founded in 1907 and manufacturing skis since 1937, it has a long history in skiing. In recent seasons, Rossignol has made a major shift away from the Seven Series skis, opting for a new line of freestyle skis called the Black Ops series. These skis are designed specifically for freeskiing, allowing you to go wherever you want on the mountain.

    The Black Ops range includes both men’s and women’s models, offering a number of different shapes and sizes. They include the BlackOps Gamer, BlackOps Smasher, and BlackOps Freeride. Each model features a unique shape and feel, meaning there’s a perfect ski for every type of terrain.

    Other lines include the Experience skis, which offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit many types of skiing.


    Made just outside of Denver in Colorado, Icelantic makes great-looking and well-made skis. Their bombproof construction consists of multiple layers of carbon fiber and wood, giving a nice snap and feel without all the weight of titanium. They offer 3-year warranties and consist of twin tips and a camber underneath the foot for playful all-mountain ski fun.

    For those looking for a harder charging ski, they recommend the Pioneer and Rivet series. These skis are designed with a little more weight and more camber for fast, smooth turns. If you want to go even further, check out the Sabre and Oracle series. These skis feature even more camber and weight for maximum speed and control.


    The iconic brand K2 has been around since 1953, making everything from snowboards to skis to clothing. But it wasn’t until the late ’80s that K2 really broke into the mainstream. They’ve never looked back. In fact, they’re still growing today.

    Today, K2 makes skis, bindings, helmets, goggles, jackets, pants, gloves, poles, waxes, bags, ski boots, and even apparel. And while there are plenty of companies out there that make high-end skiing equipment, few do it better than K2.

    Their goal is simple: “To provide you with a product that performs like no other.” And they’ve done just that for decades now. For example, their Mindbender series offers a wide array of options, ranging from 85-millimeter waist width to 116-millimeter waist width. These skis are designed to offer a smooth ride, whether you’re carving turns down a mountain or cruising through powder fields.

    And if you’re looking for something a little less aggressive, K2 has another series called the Reckoners. This lineup includes skis from 85 millimeters to 116 millimeters in waist width and different core materials, allowing you to find the perfect size for whatever type of terrain you enjoy most.

    Whether you want to carve turns down a steep slope or cruise through some light powder, K2 has got you covered.


    The Armada brand offers skis designed for snowboarders and skiers alike. They offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles based on your preference. From beginner to professional, Armada skis can accommodate every type of rider.

    With the majority of their skies being twin tips, Armanda skis are great for riders who like to throw tricks anywhere on the slopes. Their ARV series (for women) includes a huge range of waist widths depending upon what kind of ski you’re looking for—from 84 mm to 116 mm underfoot. The Declivity series (for women) is great for those looking to take a high-flying approach to catch air. Finally, their Tracer series is ideal for those looking to take it off-piste.

    Armadas are skis designed by some of the best ski racers in the world, including Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Tanner Hall, and Sammy Carlson.


    The Line brand was born out of a desire to make skiing easier and more fun. As such, most of Line’s skis are designed with playful intentions in mind. Twin tip skis, soft flex, and comfortable top sheets are just some of the things Line offers.

    Line skis are built to perform on all terrain, from groomers to bowls, and everything in between. Whether you want to cruise down the mountain or carve turns into the soft snow, Line skis offer something for everyone.


    Rossignol and K2 both make skis that are very popular among resort skiers. But Salomon focuses on making skis that feel like you’re skiing down the hill. They focus on making skiers that are a little stiffer and ready to ski hard out of the wrapper. Their main product lines are the QST and Stance. Both of these products are great for downhill and freestyle skiing.

    The QST line is best known for being one of the most popular demo skis at resorts. It is a mid-waist length ski that ranges in waist widths from 90 millimeters up to 110 millimeters. The QST uses a carbon fiber flax weave construction which absorbs shocks while remaining lively. The QST also contains cork tip inserts which help reduce weight and increase durability.

    The Stance series is another good option for those looking for a versatile ski that performs well on groomers and park terrain. These skis range in waist widths from 88 millimeters up to 102 millimeters. Like the QST, they use a carbon fiber flax weaving technique that absorbs shocks while remaining light and lively. However, the Stance series does not use cork tip inserts because it doesn’t want to add too much weight to the ski.


    Fischer continues to dominate the ski industry with top-quality products. With a focus on performance and style, Fischer provides both racers and powder hounds with high-end skis. This season, Fischer introduced the Ranger FR and Ranger TI lines. Both models are built around the same technology, but the Ranger FR utilizes carbon fiber in the core for lighter weight and faster response. In addition, the Ranger TI features titanium for increased strength and durability.

    The Ranger FR and Ranger TI feature waist widths ranging from 92mm to 115mm, allowing customers to find the perfect fit for their skiing needs. These skis also come with four different bindings, including the standard binding, touring binding, freestyle binding, and snowboard binding.


    Völkl is a German company that was founded in 1923. Völkl makes some of the highest quality skis available today. Their skis are renowned for their lightweight design, durability, and responsiveness. For this season, Völkl released two new models: the Völkler Rodeo and the Völklar Pro.

    Both models have been designed specifically for freestyle skiing. The Völkler Pro offers a waist width of 100 millimeters and comes with an aluminum core. The Völker Rodeo has a waist width of 105 millimeters and comes with a composite core.

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