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15 Best Mens Dress Shoe Brands

    Best Mens Dress Shoe Brands

    Are you looking for the perfect pair of dress shoes? If yes, then you should check out our top 15 mens dress shoe brands. These men’s dress shoes come from some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. They offer high-quality materials and craftsmanship at affordable prices.

    The men’s dress shoe category has grown tremendously over the years. From loafers to wingtips, oxfords to brogues, these shoes are designed to complement every outfit. Whether you want something casual or formal, you’ll find the perfect style.

    Whether you’re looking for a classic black leather loafer or a sleek patent leather sneaker, you’ll find the ideal fit at our top 15 mens shoe brands.

    John Lobb

    Savile Row staple John Lubbock is unexaggerated a Rolls Royce of men’s dress shoes. The brand has been making footwear since the beginning of time, and its history goes way beyond the name. In fact, it’s hard to find a man alive who hasn’t worn a pair of John Lobb shoes.

    The sun of the John Lubbock universe is its bespoke service, which is also great for guys with smaller feet like me… Like many luxury brands, John Lobb offers both custom-made and ready-to-wear options. You can choose either option and depend on what you decide, it may take up to a year for your Lobbss to arrive. But once they do, they’ll be perfection — and they’ll last forever.

    Crockett & Jones Benchgrade

    Crockett & Jones is an icon of British shoemaking that has been around since 1825. Their products are known for being high quality, well crafted, and timelessly elegant. They are quintessentially English and most people know them for their traditional oxfords, brogues, wingtips, and loafers. However, there is one category where they really excel; their bench grades.

    The term bench grade refers to a shoe that is built to be worn on a bench during work hours. These shoes tend to be more casual than dress shoes and usually feature a leather upper and canvas lining. Some even come with a removable insole.

    They are generally priced between $400-$600 and are considered to be a great alternative to sneakers. If you want something that won’t look like it came off the shelf of a discount store, but still wants to wear something comfortable and stylish, bench grade is perfect.

    Cole Haan

    With a name like Cole Haan, one might think the brand focuses on casual, everyday style. But the truth is, Cole Haan makes some of the most stylish dress shoes around. They’re known for their timeless designs, comfortable materials, and flexible soles. And now, they’ve taken things up a notch with a new Grand.OS technology.

    This innovative design gives the shoe the ability to move with your feet, while still providing support and stability. So whether you want to go about your day in a pair of dress shoes or slip into something comfy for the evening, Cole Haan has got you covered.

    TLB Mallorca 

    TLB Mallorca is one of those brands that you really don’t want to miss out on. A Spanish shoe brand that has been around for quite some time now, they have established itself as a solid brand with a strong following. Their products are well-priced and offer a wide range of styles and colors. In fact, they have become such a popular brand that it seems like every pair of sneakers they make sells out within hours. If you’re looking for a quality sneaker that won’t break the bank, look no further than TLB Mallorca.

    Carlos Santos

    Carlos Santos is a Portuguese shoe manufacturer based in Portugal. Founded in 1942, the company produces high-quality leather products such as handbags, wallets, belts, and shoes. Their shoes are known for being comfortable and durable.

    The brand offers several different types of shoes including Blake construction, Goodyear welting, and Bologna construction. Each type of construction provides a specific benefit to the wearer. For example, Blake construction is designed to keep feet warm during cold weather while Bologna construction keeps feet dry during rainy conditions. Goodyear welting is used for heavy-duty work boots.

    Allen Edmonds

    They are a rare breed in the fashion industry. A small family-owned shoe maker based out of Milwaukee, WI, that offers men’s dress shoes that don’t look like you bought them at Costco.

    The story behind Allen Edmonds is simple. Founded in 1894, the company began making work boots for farmers and loggers. During World War II, the company supplied shoes to the United States military. After the war, the company grew into the company it is today, focusing on quality crafted footwear.

    Today, Allen Edmonds still uses the same techniques and materials used in the original production methods. Each pair of Allen Edmonds shoes is handmade and built to last a lifetime.

    Saint Crispin’s

    Saint Crispin’s is a tiny shoe shop located in Bucharest, Romania. They make beautiful handmade leather shoes and boots. Their prices are high and they don’t seem to do much marketing. But the quality is there and you know it’s coming straight from the heart of the artisan.

    They are known for being one of the few makers of leather shoes that still makes handcrafted shoes. The majority of their shoes are made in Italy and Germany. Their shoes are usually quite pricey. So we thought it would be interesting to see what they look like compared to the rest of the brands on our list.


    If you’re looking for a pair of dress shoes that feel great but don’t cost an arm and a leg, check out Amberjack. They’re a relatively new brand that makes “hybrid” dress shoes that combine some of the best qualities of both men’s and women’s dress shoes. And while they might not be the sexiest option on the market, they sure are comfortable.

    The Original, their flagship product for men, features a leather upper with mesh lining and a perforated toe box. It also includes a cushioned footbed, padded collar, and laces that wrap around the heel. For women, the Hybrid offers a similar style, but it’s built with a soft suede upper and a removable orthotic insert. Both options come in black, brown, tan, and gray.

    Carmina Shoemaker 

    Carmina is one of those brands you might have heard of even though you don’t know much about it. They are a shoemaking brand based out of Spain, but they sell shoes all over the world. In fact, they sell the majority of the shoes sold in North America. But did you know that Carmina wasn’t always such a big player? Back in 2007, they had just $2 million in sales. Today, they have almost $1 billion in annual revenue. So how did they do it? By focusing on customer experience and making sure they have the best products possible.

    They recently launched a new eCommerce site called This is where customers can buy everything from shoes to bags to accessories. And while there aren’t many items on the site, it’s still growing every day. There are no shipping fees either. Everything is free. And because they want to make shopping easy, they offer quick responses to questions via email and live chat. If people need help, they can call the phone number listed on the website.

    Paolo Scafora

    The name says it all. This is the most exclusive shop in Italy. If you want something special, this is where you go. They make bespoke shoes for celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Gwyneth Paltrow. In addition to making custom footwear, they do handcrafted leather goods. You could spend thousands here without even knowing it.

    They’re very selective about what goes into their products. Their hand-made shoes take up to five months to complete, and each pair costs around $1,500. But if you’ve got the cash, there’s nothing better than getting a bespoke pair of shoes made just for you. Paolo Scafora makes some of the best handmade shoes in the world. They use the highest quality leather and craftsmanship to produce their shoes.

    Vass Budapest 

    Vass Shoes is one of those brands you don’t know about unless you’re really into handcrafted footwear. And even then it’s hard to find information about them online. But I’m here to change that because Vass offers an unreal price for handmade leather shoes.

    In case you didn’t know, there are hundreds of manufacturers making high-quality handmade shoes all over the world. However, most of them charge thousands of dollars for a pair of shoes. While Vass doesn’t want to compete with those prices, they do offer some pretty incredible deals on their products.

    Enzo Bonafe

    Enzo Bonafe is a classical shoemaking workshop from Italy specializing in handcrafted footwear of any type. Their work is characterized by lightness, elegance, quality, and timeless style.

    They offer a wide range of products starting from simple leather shoes to complex dress shoes. The most popular models include the “Tiziano”, “Lorenza” and “Ferragamo”.

    The workshops are located in Bologna since 1972 where they continue producing high-quality footwear according to tradition.


    Whether you’re looking for formal wear or casual footwear, Magnanni offers a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. For example, the brand carries a range of men’s dress shoes including loafers, wingtip oxfords, saddle shoes, and slip-on sneakers. You’ll find everything from black and white to brown and tan options.

    In addition to dress shoes, Magnanni carries a number of pairs of men’s dress boots, including suede, patent leather, and leather options. And for those who are planning a trip away from home, the brand also carries a collection of men’s sandals perfect for a weekend getaway.

    Johnston & Murphy

    The Johnston & Murphy brand is known for making comfortable, well-made footwear. Their boots are often worn by people who want a pair of work boots without breaking the bank. They offer a wide variety of styles ranging from casual to dressier options. Many of their best sellers include a leather upper, a thick rubber sole, and a durable canvas lining.

    Antonio Meccariello 

    Antonio Meccariello is a shoe brand based out of Italy. They produce handcrafted footwear ranging from casual sneakers to dressier styles. Their products are designed to fit perfectly into any outfit while maintaining a classic look. From the beginning, Antonio Meccariello wanted to create a unique product that could stand up against high-end brands. To do this, they chose to focus on quality over quantity.

    The brand strives to provide customers with exceptional customer service and a wide variety of options to choose from. On their website, customers can find information about how to buy their products, where to buy them, what sizes they carry, and even how to contact them. All of their products come with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects for three months.

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