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23 Best Luxury Car Brands

    What makes a luxury car brand? Is it the price tag or the quality of the vehicle?

    The term ‘luxury’ has become synonymous with high prices and premium features. In reality, however, luxury cars aren’t always expensive. Some brands offer affordable options, while others focus on style and design. The luxury car market is booming worldwide. From Rolls Royce to Bentley, Lamborghini to Ferrari, these cars are expensive and luxurious. They come with high prices and top-quality materials.

    A luxury car brand is defined by its unique characteristics, such as exclusivity, prestige, and status. These attributes are reflected in the vehicles themselves, from their interiors to exteriors.

    Rolls Royce

    The name Rolls-Royce is derived from the names of two 19th-century royals—Prince Albert Edward, Duke of Clarence, and Ava Maria Victoria, Princess Royal. A royal family friend named Henry Royce began making automobiles in 1906. He wanted to build a vehicle that could carry passengers over long distances without stopping. His first model was called the “Silver Ghost.”

    In 1908, he founded the automobile manufacturing company Rolls-Royce Limited. The company used the slogan, “When you buy a Rolls-Royce, you are buying a tradition.”

    Today, Rolls-Royce sells about 20,000 vehicles per year worldwide. About 80% of those sales take place outside Great Britain.

    Aston Martin

    The British luxury brand Aston Martin is one of the most well-known names in the automotive industry. In fact, it’s often considered synonymous with high-performance vehicles. But what many don’t know about Aston Martin is that it’s actually been owned by BMW since 1999. So how did we end up here? Let’s take you back to 1964.

    In 1963, Ford purchased Vickers, a British aircraft manufacturing firm. At the same time, Rolls Royce had been bought by American conglomerate General Motors. Both companies were looking to diversify into different industries.

    After a few years of working together, Boulton Paul began developing a prototype jet fighter plane. They called it the P.1127. The plane was designed to compete against the F1 racecar developed by Ferrari. Although the plane never entered production, the design became the basis for the next generation of jets produced by Boulton Paul. These planes eventually evolved into the legendary Dassault Rafale.

    Ford and GM agreed to purchase Aston Martin for £15 million ($18.5 million). This acquisition would give Ford access to the expertise of Aston Martin’s engineers. By combining the talents of the two companies, Ford and GM hoped to develop a better airplane than either company could produce alone.


    The Bentley brand is one of the oldest automotive brands in existence – having been founded in 1919 by Robert Bamford, Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin, and Wilfrid de Glehn. Today, the marque is owned by Volkswagen Group subsidiary PSA Peugeot Citroen.

    In 1925, the company introduced the legendary Speed Eight racing car, which went on to win numerous races including the prestigious 24-hour race at Le Mans four times. This led to the creation of the Bentley Boys’ Club, a group of wealthy British enthusiasts who raced Bentleys alongside each other.

    A few years later, the company launched the Bentley Mulsanne, which was the world’s fastest production saloon at the time. In 1928, the company entered into a partnership with Rolls Royce to produce high-end models under the name ‘Rolls-Bentley’.

    The company continued to expand throughout the 1950s and 1960s, producing the very successful Continental Mark III. In 1969, the company produced the Bentley Turbo R, which used a twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The following year, the company began producing the ultra-fast Arnage, which had a mid-mounted rear-wheel drive layout. Today, the company produces the Bentayga SUV, Continental GT supercar, the EXP 9 F concept car, and the upcoming Bentayga W12 hybrid.


    The story of Bugatti starts in 1909 in Molsheim, France. At the time, Ettore Bugatti was working at his father’s garage where he began designing and building racecars. He built one car that had huge success and became known as the “Type 30.” After winning several races, Ettore took his talents to Italy and founded Bugatti Automobiles S.p.A. His first model was the Type 40, The name Bugatti came from the French word Buggati meaning “to burst,” referring to the sound the engines made during the race.

    In 1927, Ettore Bugatti died and the company suffered bankruptcy. In 1929, the company was bought by German auto manufacturer Volkswagen AG. Today, Bugatti produces high-end luxury vehicles such as the Chiron, La Voiture Noire, and the Vision Gran Turismo.


    The Italian automaker Ferrari is a luxury brand that tends to sell pricier vehicles than other carmakers. But it doesn’t just make expensive cars — it makes some of the most beautiful ones around. In fact, there are many reasons why people love Ferraris, including how well they look, how fast they go, and how much power they produce.

    In 2012, Forbes listed Ferrari as the third most valuable automobile brand worldwide, worth $14 billion. The name “Ferrari” literally translates into English as “iron horse”. This refers to the mythological creature that could run faster than horses. In 2018, Ferrari sold about 4,000 vehicles in North America. That’s fewer than half of what Mercedes-Benz sold but still enough to place it among the top 10 best-selling automakers in the United States.

    Today, Ferrari sells over 400,000 vehicles per year. Its models include roadsters such as the F40, coupes such as the 458 Italia, and supercars like the LaFerrari.


    The German automaker has been around forever, and while some people might think that they’re just another car manufacturer, they are actually one of the most successful companies in the world. They’ve had a lot of success over the years, including being the first carmaker to sell over 10 million cars worldwide, and they continue to grow each year.

    They’ve got everything covered, from small cars like the MINI Cooper to SUVs like the X5, to large sedans like the 7 Series. This isn’t exactly something that you’d see on everyone’s list, but the truth is that BMW is known for making luxurious vehicles. This began way back in the 1970s when they introduced the 535i, which was basically an M3 with a 4.0L V8 under the hood. While the 535i wasn’t exactly cheap, it did offer luxury features such as power windows, a sunroof, leather seats, and a remote trunk release button.


    The German auto manufacturer Audi was founded in 1909. Its motto is “Vorsprung Durch Technik,” meaning “Advancement Through Technology.” This slogan reflects the company’s focus on technology and innovation. Audi is one of the largest automakers worldwide. In addition to automobiles, it manufactures motorcycles, commercial trucks, buses, coaches, construction equipment, and industrial engines.

    Audi is a member of the Volkswagen Group. As part of the group, Audi participates in numerous cooperative ventures including research and development projects, joint marketing activities, and product development. Audi is headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany.


    Jaguar is a British automaker based in Solihull, England, that’s part of Jaguar LAND ROVER AUTOMOTIVE, which is currently owned 50/50 by Indian automaker Tata Motors Ltd.

    The automaker was founded in 1922 by William Lyons and his son Charles. They named it “Jaguar”, taken from the word jagmattra, meaning “rhinoceros”. In 1924, the company began producing commercial vehicles under the name Jaguar Commercial Vehicles. The automotive division was spun off into a separate entity called Jaguar Cars Limited in 1925.

    In 1948, the company introduced the XK120 roadster, one of the world’s most famous automobiles. Its successor, the XK150, won the 24 Hours of Le Man’s race four times. In 1953, the company developed what became known as the “E-Type”, considered to be among the finest performance sedans ever produced.


    Porsche was founded in 1937 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and originally produced aircraft engines before moving into producing sports cars. A lot of things. Like the fact that Porsche is one of the best luxury auto brands in the world. Or that it sells over 400,000 vehicles annually. And the even better news? They’re selling those cars for under $100,000.

    The Germans are known for making some of the finest automobiles money can buy, and Porsche is no exception. Their latest offering, the 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S, is the fastest production roadster ever built. With a starting price of $100k, it’s easy to see why.

    Land Rover

    Land Rover is an iconic British car brand that sells luxury sedans and SUVs. They don’t sell many vehicles in the US, but they’re very popular overseas. Their vehicles are known for being durable and reliable. The company was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Solihull, England. Its products include sport utility vehicles (SUV), light commercial vehicles (LCV), and high-performance sports cars. Land Rover holds roughly 70% market share in the UK and 20% in China. In 2017, it had total sales of about 2.5 million vehicles worldwide.

    Land Rover’s SUV lineup includes the LR4, LR2, LR3, LRX, and the recently introduced LRV. These models offer everything from off-roading capabilities to spacious interiors and plenty of standard equipment.

    The LR4 is the entry-level model in the range. It costs about $40,000 and comes equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine that generates 185 horsepower. A six-speed automatic transmission powers the front wheels while all-wheel drive helps provide traction in poor weather conditions.

    Land Rover’s second generation LR2 debuted in 2013. Priced at about $50,000, the LR2 gets its power from a 3.5L V6 gas engine that produces 300 hp. This model is offered in both rear and all-wheel drive configurations. The third generation LR3 debuted in 2016. Priced at about 60,000 dollars, the LR3 comes with a 4.5L V8 gasoline engine that generates 365 hp. The LR3 is available in either rear or all-wheel drive.


    Maserati always had a reputation for making high-quality performance cars, but they branched out into the luxury market too. The Italian luxury automaker Maserati is known for producing some of the world’s most powerful cars. Its flagship model, the Quattroporte, is one of the fastest four-door sedans on the market today. The MC20 is a sporty convertible that seats just two people. Both models are built around a twin-turbocharged 4.7-liter V8 engine that produces up to 600 horsepower.

    Maserati is one of those brands that just seem to keep getting better over the decades. They’re still around today because they know how to build great products, and it seems like every single generation of Maserati owners has been happy with what they’ve got.


    The Italian automaker Lamborghini produces some of the most high-end sports cars in the world. Lamborghini is one of those brands that are always on our radar, especially when it comes to supercars. They’ve been around since 1963, creating some pretty amazing cars along the way. From the Miura to the Gallardo, the Countach to the Murcielago, the Aventador to the Veneno, we love everything about this Italian automaker.

    They even took over VW back in 2009 and turned it into a true luxury brand, offering us plenty of options when it comes to purchasing a Lamborghini. Right now, they offer four models, including the Huracán, Aventador SVJ, Urus SUV, and the upcoming V12 Supercar. The Huracán is one of the fastest cars in the world, reaching speeds of up to 350 km/h (217 mph). With a price tag starting at just under $200,000 USD, you’ll be able to buy a very nice Lamborghini without breaking the bank.

    Lamborghini has announced that there will no longer be any gas-powered models produced by the Italian supercar manufacturer. All future models will be fully electrified. This includes the Aventador SVJ, Huracan Performante, Urus SUV, Reventon Roadster, Gallardo Spyder, and upcoming Veneno convertible.

    The move away from gasoline is part of a larger shift toward a more environmentally friendly approach to manufacturing. In fact, the entire company is transitioning into becoming a “zero emission vehicle” manufacturer.

    Mercedes Benz

    Mercedes Benz is a German luxury automobile brand owned by Daimler AG. Founded in 1886 in Mannheim, it is one of the world’s oldest existing automotive brands. In addition to cars, the company produces buses, trucks, vans, motorcycles, construction equipment, defense systems, rail vehicles, marine propulsion devices, engines, power electronics, industrial components, and parts thereof.

    The brand’s logo consists of three interlocking M shapes representing the initial letters of the founder’s surname, Ludolf von Krechtingen. The company’s slogan is “Das Beste für das Beste Auto.” (“The best for the best car”).

    In 2006, the company introduced the SLS AMG model, featuring a 7.3L V8 twin-turbocharged engine producing 577 hp and a 0–60 mph acceleration time of just 3.7 seconds. This was followed by the SLK350 model with a 3.5L V6 engine producing 320 hp and a 0–100 km/h acceleration time of 8.1 seconds.

    Today, the company offers four models: A-Class, B-Class, CLA-Class, and GLC-Class. All are front-wheel drive sedans, except for the CLA-Class, which is a coupe. The CLA-Class uses a modular plug-in hybrid system called ePower, which allows for up to 50 miles of electric driving range.


    The name “McLaren” originates from the founder of the eponymous car manufacturer, Sir Malcolm Campbell. In 1892 he built his first motorized vehicle, called the Motor Carriage, which had a single cylinder, four-stroke engine mounted horizontally. This design became known as the ‘Horseless Carriage’. His second model, the Motor Cycle, was powered by a vertical V twin-cylinder engine.

    These early vehicles were used mainly for recreation, although Campbell did win several races. He later moved into automobile production, building cars under the names of both Horseless Carriage Company and Automobile Manufacturing Company. In 1902, Campbell founded the Automobile Club of Great Britain (ACGB), which eventually merged with the Royal Automobile Club (RAC). In 1909, Campbell sold the ACGB to become chairman of the newly formed Auto-Cycle Union (ACU), whose members included Henry Ford, Alfred P. Sloan, and William Morris.

    The ACU held annual rallies where drivers could race against each other. In 1913, Campbell introduced the Model T, which was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The ACU renamed itself the Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (AMA), and it began holding national events including the Indianapolis 500.


    The Swedish automaker Koenigsegg is known for making some of the most expensive cars in the world. In fact, it was named the best sports car maker of 2016. Now, it’s releasing another one of those supercars. This time around, it’s called the Agera R S.

    This is the latest model from the brand and it’s the fastest production car ever built. Koenigsegg claims that it reaches speeds of up to 350 miles per hour. However, there are no plans to sell this vehicle to the general public. Instead, it will be used mostly for testing purposes.

    The Agera RS isn’t just fast though. It also boasts a price tag of $2 million. That’s about double what you’d pay for a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.


    Genesis is Hyundai’s new luxury division, its a relatively young brand, having been launched in South Korea in 2015. A full range of sedans, crossovers, and SUVs are sold under the Genesis banner. The Genesis korean automaker brand is a subsidiary of the larger Kia Motors Corporation. Its products are marketed in North America and the Asia Pacific by Hyundai Motor Company.

    Hyundai Group CEO Chung Eui-sun announced in late 2016 that he wanted to expand the Genesis brand into the United States and Canada. In 2017, Genesis debuted in the US market with three vehicles: the G80 sedan, the G90 coupe, and the GV80 crossover. In 2018, the GV70 compact crossover joined the lineup along with the GV80.


    The Pagani Automobili S.p.A., often abbreviated as Pagani, is an Italian luxury sportscar manufacturer based in Modena, Italy, founded in 1992 by Sergio Pagani and his son Andrea. Its headquarters are located in the city of Moncalieri near Turin, where the factory is situated.

    The company specializes in making high-performance grand tourers, including coupés, roadsters, spider cars, and convertible hypercars. They are known for their use of carbon fiber composites in many parts of their vehicles. In 2017, the company sold 2,100 units, up from 1,500 the previous year. In 2018, Pagani announced plans to build a plant in China, with sales expected to reach 10,000 per annum by 2023.

    Lotus Cars

    The Lotus brand is known for making some of the most luxurious and high-performance cars around. And now, it’s bringing those same qualities to electric vehicles.

    In fact, the company just unveiled three new models — the Elise S Cup, Evora GTE, and Exige Sport 410 EV — at the Geneva Motor Show. All three standards feature state-of-the-art technology and performance capabilities. But what makes these cars stand out is how much they cost.

    According to Car & Driver, each model starts at $120,000. For perspective, the Tesla Model 3 starts at about $35,000. But while prices might seem steep, there’s no denying that these cars look incredible. Each features sleek designs and futuristic styling. Plus, they all boast impressive specs, like 0-60 mph times under 4 seconds and a range of up to 200 miles per charge.


    The Cadillac nameplate has been around since 1902 when it debuted as a luxury car built by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors. In 2003, GM spun off its luxury car operations into a separate entity called “Oldsmobile.” In 2006, GM sold Cadillac to Belgian investment firm PSA Peugeot Citroën SA for $2.3 billion. At the time, Cadillac had sales of about $5.7 billion annually.

    Today, Cadillac sells cars under three different names: Cadillac, Buick, and Chevrolet. Cadillac produces sedans like the ATS and XTS, SUVs such as the Escalade and XT5, and crossovers like the CT6. There are four models of Cadillac vehicles sold globally today: the flagship sedan, the XTS; the mid-size XT4 crossover SUV; the midsize CT6 coupe; and the large XT8 sport utility vehicle.


    Lexus is a Japanese automaker founded in 1989 by Toyota Motor Company. The brand received acclaim for its quiet, premium interiors and solid safety and reliability scores. Lexus offers a number of models including the ES sedan, RX hybrid, and LX SUV. In addition to cars, Lexus produces commercial vehicles such as the NX pickup truck and police patrol vehicles.

    The company has been known for its luxury vehicles since it was established. In fact, the first model produced by the company was the LS 400. This vehicle was launched in 1990 and featured a 3.0-liter V6 engine that generated 300 horsepower. It also had an automatic transmission with five forward gears.


    Volvo is A Brand With Safety At Its Core. The Swedish automaker Volvo is known for its cars being safe. This reputation extends beyond just the fact that it makes safe cars; it’s about how Volvo presents itself in the public eye. In addition to making safe cars, Volvo wants to ensure people know that it cares about safety. So much so that the brand even uses “safety” in its name.

    In fact, the brand is so synonymous with safety that it’s become the most popular car manufacturer in Sweden. And while that might seem like a small thing, it actually speaks volumes about what Volvo stands for.


    The brand name “Lincoln” is synonymous with American luxury automobiles. In fact, it is one of America’s oldest car brands. The Lincoln Motor Company began production in 1914 and today, Lincoln is owned by Ford Motor Company. The original Lincoln model range included eight different models including the Model T, the Continental, the Town Car, the Mark V, the Zephyr, the Corsair, the Crown Imperial, and the Supercharged. Today, there are over 50 different Lincoln models available, including sedans, coupes, convertibles, SUVs, and vans.

    In Europe and Asia, Lincoln offers a wide range of car models including sedans, coupés, convertibles, sports utility vehicles (SUV), minivans, crossovers, and commercial trucks. Lincoln is well known for its luxury cars, especially among celebrities. For example, the Lincoln Navigator is often used by Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and Beyoncé.

    Range Rover

    The Range Rover is one of the most iconic luxury SUVs ever built. Originally launched in 1989, it has been continuously updated since then. Now, the Range Rover is part of a larger group called Jaguar Land Rover, which includes brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, and Range Rover.

    Range Rover is the brand name usually reserved for the higher-end model line, while Land Rover refers to the entire lineup. However, some people refer to the whole lineup as Range Rover because there are three different lines within the brand. The Range Rover is the flagship model, followed by the Range Rover Sport and finally the smaller, sporty Range Rover Evoque, which is similar to the BMW X3.


    Which is the best luxury car brand?

    Best luxury car brands include Audi, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, and Mercedes Benz.

    Is BMW better than Lexus?

    BMW is considered to be more reliable than Lexus.

    What is the difference between a luxury car and a supercar?

    A luxury car is a high-performance car that costs less than $100k. A supercar is a high-performance luxury car that costs more than $200k.

    What is the luxury version of Toyota?

    Toyota Camry Hybrid is the luxury version of the Toyota Camry.

    What’s the most expensive car?

    From Rolls Royce to Bentley, Lamborghini to Ferrari, these cars are the most expensive and luxurious

    What’s the least expensive BMW?

    BMW 1 Series is the cheapest BMW.

    How many luxury car brands are there?

    There are around 30 luxury car brands.

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