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The 12 Best Dirt Bike Brands

    best dirt bike brands

    What dirt bike brand should I choose? There are tons of brands out there, each offering its own unique style and features. Which one should I go with?

    Dirt bike brands are becoming very popular these days. A dirt bike is a two-wheeled vehicle that has no suspension or brakes. They are designed for off-road racing, riding trails, and other extreme activities. There are several types of dirt bikes, such as motocross, supermoto, dual sport, adventure, and even electric models.

    There are many brands of dirt bikes. Some of them include Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, GasGas, Beta, and Husqvarna. Each brand offers a variety of models. The main difference between each model is the price range, performance, features, and accessories.

    To narrow down our options, we looked at the top brands and their models. We found that some of them offer great value, while others are more expensive. If you want to get into dirt biking, then you should definitely check out some of the best dirt bike brands.


    Yamaha Dirt Bike

    The Japanese manufacturer Yamaha is one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers, producing over 2 million vehicles per year. They are known for their high-quality products, reliability, and performance.

    The brand was founded in 1955 in Japan by Torakusu Yamato, who manufactured musical instruments. He wanted to make better ones than his competitors, so he began making pianos and organ parts.

    In 1954, Genichi Kawakami became the President of Yamaha and set out to produce motorcycles. At this stage, there were many companies competing against each other, but none could compete with Kawakamai’s vision.

    He believed that people needed something cheaper than cars and that bikes could satisfy those needs. So he started Yamaha Motor Company, and today it is one of the biggest names in motorbikes.


    Suzuki Dirt bikes

    Suzuki is a household name for anybody in the dirt biking realm. With its roots dating back to 1909, chances are, you’ve probably seen one of their bikes in races. They even make some of the best off-road motorcycles around.

    The company was founded in the small village of Hama-Matsuzaki, Japan, by Michio Suzuki in 1909. He wanted to build a motorcycle that could be used both on roads and trails. So he designed and built his first motorized bike using parts from a classic dirt bike. This design proved successful and Suzuki began producing motorcycles. In 1932, the company introduced the Model A, which had a three-speed transmission and a single-cylinder engine. By 1936, the company sold nearly 30,000 units.

    In 1952, the company produced its first motorized vehicle with a 2-stroke engine mounted onto the frame of a traditional bicycle. Called the Power Free, the model was very popular and sold over 15,000 units. In 1956, the company introduced the GSX-100, which was a sporty version of the Power Free. In 1959, the company introduced the Super Cub, which was a smaller, lighter version of the GSX-100.

    By the mid-1960s, Suzuki dominated the Japanese market. In 1967, the company launched the XL1000, which was a 3-wheeled motorcycle. In 1969, the company introduced the SX4, which was a 4-wheeled motorcycle.

    Today, the company continues to produce motorcycles and scooters. Their products include mopeds, ATVs, cruisers, trikes, and quadricycles.


    Kawasaki Dirt Bike

    Kawasaki is one of the most recognizable names in dirt biking, having been around since the early 1960s. Founded in Japan, the company began making motorcycles in 1961. By 1964, it was producing electric generators. But it wasn’t until 1966 that Kawasaki built its first motorcycle, the Z1. And while the name “Z” stands for Zero Emissions, the actual emissions were much greater than zero.

    In 1978, Kawasaki introduced the KX250, which became a cult classic among off-road riders. A few years later, the company launched the Ninja 250R, which won the AMA Supercross Championship three times. Kawasaki also produced the FXR750, the first big-bore sportbike ever offered by a manufacturer.

    Today, Kawasaki makes both 2 and 4-strokes and produces some of the highest-performance dirt bikes on the market. Its products are sold worldwide, including in North America under the Kawasaki Motor Corporation banner.


    Honda Dirt Bike

    Honda was founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, a Japanese engineer. He wanted to build a motorcycle that could go over rough terrain. In 1949, he began building a prototype called the “A360.” This bike had a front suspension system that allowed it to ride smoothly over bumps and ruts.

    In 1951, Honda built his dream car, the Civic. It became popular because it offered safety features like airbags and anti-lock brakes. By the 1970s, Honda was selling cars in the United States.

    Today, Honda makes some of the best vehicles out there. They include the Fit compact sedan, CRF250L off-road motorbike, Odyssey minivan, and Acura NSX supercar.


    KTM Dirt Bike

    KTM began life in 1934 as a motorcycle repair shop called “Trunkenpolz.” In the early days, it mainly worked on cars, but within three years, it had branched into bikes.

    The bikes sold well and soon became popular with racers. They won races, too. And since winning races was important to those guys, the company kept making better bikes. So good, in fact, that they eventually became known as “the world champions,” and today there are over 5 million KTM riders around the globe.


    Husqvarna Dirt Bike

    Husqvarna may be one of the best dirt bike brands in the world. Founded in 1689, it’s one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in existence today. Originally a metalworking company, Husqvarna began producing muskets for Sweden’s army in the 1700s.

    In 1903, Husqvarnas manufactured street motorcycles used during the early days of motocross bike racing. Over the next few decades, the company continued to innovate, creating some of the most successful bikes in motorcycling history. Today, Husqvarna continues to produce innovative products while maintaining its rich heritage.


    Beta Dirt Bike

    Beta bikes began in 1904 and are one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the dirt bike industry still operating today. They are based out of Florence, Italy, and produce both road and off-road motorcycles. Their history dates back to the early 1900s when they produced pedal bicycles by hand. However, it wasn’t until 1940 that they switched to motorcycle production due to the growing demand for automobiles.

    In the 50s, Beta became known for producing sleek and sporty single-cylinder 4-stroke dirt bike engines. These early motorcycles performed well and were speedy. In the decades following, the brand specialized in its off-roading bikes which were used in motocross, enduro, and trials bikes famous during the 80s.


    GasGas Dirt Bike

    The story of GasGas begins in 1985 when Narcí s Casas and Josép Pibernat founded the brand. They wanted to offer customers a bike that offered performance without compromising comfort. In those days, most brands focused on comfort over performance, while GasGas took the opposite approach. Their goal was to build a high-quality machine with a strong frame and suspension and to ensure that it was comfortable enough to ride long distances. This led to the creation of the GASGAS concept.

    In 1986, the first model was launched, the GASGAS GT 125. At the time, there weren’t many companies offering motorcycles with 125 cc durable engines, and the market was dominated by big manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki. But GasGas brought something different to the table: a lightweight motorcycle that could compete with bigger machines thanks to its innovative chassis design.

    After the success of the GT 125, the next generation of GasGas bikes followed suit, including the GASGAS CR 250, the GASGAST ST 200, and the GASGAS XR 200. These models proved popular among dirt bike riders looking for a sporty, fun, and affordable motorcycle.

    Today, GasGas offers a wide range of dirt bikes, including trail bikes, road bikes, offroad bikes, adventure bikes, and even scooters. Each product category reflects one of the four principles that guide the brand.


    TM Dirt bike

    TM is an Italian company, founded in 1976 by two young men named Claudio Flenghy and Francesco Battistelli. They wanted to make motorcycles that could compete with Japanese bikes, which were very popular at the time. Their first model was called the Avanti, and it was a 125cc single-cylinder bike. This was followed up by a 250cc twin cylinder bike, which eventually became the Bimota 500. In 1983, the company introduced the first four-stroke motorcycle, the TZ 350.

    In 1985, the company began producing karts, and soon found success racing against some of the best teams in Italy. In 1988, TM won the World Championship of Karts. From there, the company expanded into the off-road market, creating the Enduro and Flat Track classes. Today, TM continues to produce high-performance motorcycles, karts, and scooters.


    In the 1950s, Spain had one of the best bike manufacturers in the world. Bultaco was one of those companies. Founded in 1958, the firm focused mainly on producing small, economical motorcycles. Bultaco was known for its innovative designs and high-quality products. The company even won some awards for its creations. But in 1983, everything changed. The firm was shut down and production stopped.

    30 years later, the company was resurrected. Their main goal was to produce electric dirt bike models, and they did just that. They developed several models, including the T10, T20, T45, and T50. These are still being produced today.


    Sherco Dirt Bike

    In the early 1980s, Bultaco was one of the most famous bike manufacturers in the world. However, due to some internal issues within the company, it shut down operations in 1986. This led to the death of thousands of jobs across Spain and Portugal.

    The Spanish government took over the company and renamed it Sherco. At the same time, the company began manufacturing motorcycles again. However, unlike what happened during the original Bultaco era, this time around, the focus was on producing quality products.

    Although the company had good intentions, it did not do very well. After four years of operation, it went bankrupt. But fortunately, the brand survived.

    After the bankruptcy, the company changed hands several times. Finally, in 1998, Sherco was officially founded. The company continued to make high-quality motorcycles, but now under the name Sherco.


    Rieju Dirt Bike

    Rieju is a Spanish brand that has been around for over 80 years. Founded in 1934, it is a small family business that produces motorcycles and scooters. Rieju began as a bicycle manufacturer, producing 40 cc machines in 1947. However, things took off quickly and today the company makes some of the most popular models of dirt bikes worldwide.

    In fact, Rieju is often considered to be one of the best dirt bike manufacturers. Their bikes are known for being durable and reliable, while still offering high-performance levels. They use premium materials such as titanium frames and carbon fiber components. All of this combined makes Rieju one of the best dirt bikers out there.

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