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17 Best Airsoft Brands

    Airsoft is a sport that involves using airsoft guns (also known as BB guns) to shoot each other at close range. The game has become very popular over the years. If you want to play airsoft games, then you should look into buying some airsoft guns. There are many brands out there, but which ones are the best?

    There are two main types of airsoft guns – replica firearms and replicas. Replica firearms are designed to resemble real firearms, whereas replicas are designed to look like toys or novelty items.

    Replica firearms are usually cheaper than their counterparts, but they don’t always perform well. On the other hand, replicas tend to cost more, but they last longer and are of better quality.

    If you want to play airsoft safely and effectively, then you’ll need quality equipment. This means choosing a reliable brand that produces high-quality gear. Here are 17 of the best brands to consider.

    Classic Army

    Classic Army is one of the most popular airsoft brands in Asia, and their products are renowned for their high quality and realistic feel. We wanted to bring something new to the market, and we think that this minigun fits the bill perfectly. It’s a highly durable weapon that will keep you shooting for hours on end.

    The guns themselves come in a wide variety of configurations, including rifles, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, grenade launchers, and mortars. But let me introduce you to the company’s most popular gun: the M4A1 RIS carbine. Now, this isn’t just any old rifle; it’s a replica of the American M16/AR15 family of rifles. In fact, it’s one of the most accurate replicas out there.

    The guns aren’t cheap, but you can find them online for less than $200. If you want something special, you’ll pay more. For example, the Classic Army M134 Minigun costs about $400. But if you really want to go crazy, you can spend over $1000 for the Classic Army M134 Vulcan Minigun S009m.


    ASG(Action Sports Games) was founded in 2002 by Johnny Pedersen and his friend Henrik Grobelnik. Their goal was simple: to make high-quality airsoft replicas of real firearms.

    Soon, they began working alongside companies like Armalite and Cobra to deep dive into the world of airsoft guns. They wanted to understand what makes a gun work well and how to replicate it.

    They became a powerhouse distributor but did not open up stores across the pond until 2012, focusing on the Nordic countries. In 2014, they launched the which was one of the most successful airsoft guns ever produced.

    Now, they sell a wide range of airsoft guns — from rifles to pistols to sniper and shotgun models.


    The first thing you’ll notice about Umarex USA is how much better it looks than the original German brand. The second thing you’ll notice is that Umarex USA is just the American branch of the original German brand.

    The main difference between the German and American branches is that Umarex USA uses different materials and manufacturing processes. For example, you won’t see anything imported from China here. Instead, every product you buy from Umarex USA is manufactured in America.

    Umarex USA is the first entry on this long list of the best airsoft brands that also make air archery products like the Umarex AirJavelin Co2 Powered Arrow Gun ($189), the Umarex AirSabre AirBow ($369), and many others.

    Those items stand alongside their robust gun lineup, including the Umarex M4A1 Carbine ($199), the Umarex AUG Rifles ($299-$399), and the Umarex AKM Assault Rifle ($349).


    The Japanese brand A&K Airsoft is known for making some of the best quality airsoft products in the world. Their M4 AEGs are no exception. These guns come with an all-metal body, a detachable stock, and a removable hand guard. In my opinion, the full metal gearbox makes these guns extremely reliable and durable.

    Most of their products are factory assembled, and they include everything about airsoft players that need to play airsoft games. For example, a few of their guns come with batteries, chargers, and magazines. One thing that sets them apart is the price. You won’t find many affordable airsoft guns that offer such great performance. If you’re looking for a gun that shoots fast and accurately, consider buying one of their M4 AEGs.


    The name says it all – UK Arms produces inexpensive spring airsoft guns. Their main focus is on quality over quantity. If you’re looking for something affordable, reliable, and easy to use, UK Arms’ products might fit the bill.

    They make three different models of airsoft pistols: M4A1, M16A2, and AUG. All of them are made of plastic, but they’re definitely built well enough to withstand some abuse.

    In fact, one of their airsoft pistols survived being dropped off a table and hit the ground hard. After such a fall, the gun still worked fine.

    If you’re just getting into airsoft, UK Arms is a great place to start. You’ll find everything you need here, including protective equipment, magazines, batteries, and spare parts.


    AGM is a Chinese manufacturer of firearms. They produce everything from pistols to assault rifles, machine guns, and even airsoft sniper rifles. However, what makes them stand out among other manufacturers is their wide variety of options. Their prices range from $100 to $1,200, depending on the model.

    On their site, you can find anything from AK47s to AR15s, including many variants. You can also find full-auto versions of those weapons, along with semi-automatic ones. If you don’t know how to shoot, there are also target shooting ranges where you can practice.

    The most interesting part about AGM is that it offers both full-metal and plastic versions of almost every weapon. There are also accessories like stocks, scopes, and magazines.

    As for the quality, it varies greatly from one gun to another. Some are cheap, while others are quite expensive. But they do provide decent materials, especially for the price tag.

    Redwolf Airsoft

    Redwolf is one of the best-known airsoft manufacturers in the world. They are based out of Hong Kong and have branches in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Australia, and the USA. Their products range from entry-level to professional-grade equipment. In fact, Redwolf produces some of the highest quality airsoft rifles and accessories in the airsoft industry today.

    They produce both plastic and metal parts, ranging from basic components like barrels and receivers to more complex ones such as gas systems and optics. With over 20 years of experience under their belt, Redwolf knows what works and what doesn’t. This is why they are able to provide customers with the very best advice on how to improve their game.

    G&G Airsoft

    G&G Airsoft is one of the most innovative brands in the world of airsoft. Their products are designed to please both veterans and beginners alike. Their goal is to create high-quality airsoft guns that are easy to operate and maintain.

    The company uses cutting-edge technology like CNC machining and cybernetic materials to produce some of the best airsoft guns on the market today. They also focus on making sure that each gun is well-balanced and ergonomic while maintaining the highest level of safety.


    Cybergun is a brand based in France, which makes it different from the rest of the companies because most airsoft gun brands come out of Asia. Cybergun is one of those few brands that does not use fake guns but rather uses real steel guns. They offer a wide range of products from beginner kits to high-end ones. Their main focus is on offering affordable products while maintaining a high level of quality.

    Their products are mainly made of ABS plastic, but they do offer some that are made of wood. These include the M4A1, AK47, AR15, and others. If you want something that looks really nice, you might want to go with their wooden version.

    The wide selection of products includes everything from starter kits to high-end rifles. For example, you can buy a complete rifle kit for around $200, or you could spend up to $1000+ and get a fully assembled rifle. They also offer a wide range of accessories such as scopes, lasers, grips, etc. All of their products are sold online and in retail stores throughout the world.

    Lancer Tactical

    Lancer Tactical is a brand that operates both in the US and Europe. Their American branch has been running since 2012 out of Los Angles while their European branch has operated since 2011 out of London. Both branches are owned by the same people.

    This company does not sacrifice high-end products, however. They understand that you don’t just buy a product off the shelf. You need something that lasts. So, they try to offer products that will stand up to tough conditions.

    They’ve got some pretty cool stuff too. Like the M4A1 Carbine. It’s a semi-automatic airsoft rifle that shoots.22 LR rounds. These things are great for target shooting. But what about real combat situations? Well, Lancer Tactical has you covered there too. There’s the MP9 submachine gun. It fires 9mm rounds. Or how about the G36C Assault Rifle? It fires 5.56 NATO rounds. All three of these guns come with a lifetime warranty against defects.


    Krytac is a Swiss manufacturer of replica firearms based out of New York City. Founded in 2014, the company specializes in making custom replicas of real weapons. Its products include handguns, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and even assault rifles. In addition to creating what it calls “the highest quality replicas,” Krytac also sells accessories such as holsters, magazines, and laser sights.

    The company offers several different models of airsoft guns, including the K1 Airsoft Gun, the K2 Airsoft Rifle, and the K3 Airsoft Shotgun. Each model features a unique design and construction process, allowing customers to customize their guns according to their preferences. For example, you could choose a matte finish or one with a glossy coating. You can also select the type of barrel used, along with the number of shots per second the weapon fires.

    Tokyo Marui

    Tokyo Marui is one of the most popular airsoft brands out there. They’re known for creating some of the best airsoft guns around and are often considered one of the best manufacturers of airsoft guns period. So what makes Tokyo Marui so special? Let me tell you…

    They’ve been around since their foundation in Japan over 30 years ago. They’ve gone through many ups and downs along the way. But now, Tokyo Marui is still one of the biggest airsoft companies in the world.

    Now, one thing I must mention about Tokyo Marui is they don’t have their very own website. The only place where you can purchase their products is through other online stores.


    ICS has been around since 1995 and produces some of the best guns out there. Their products are often very expensive, but the quality is worth every penny. In fact, many people consider them the Rolls Royce of airsoft guns.

    The brand is owned by ICS Group Limited, a Taiwanese corporation that specializes in manufacturing airsoft replicas of firearms and other related equipment. ICS is known for producing high-quality replica guns, which is why they are considered one of the biggest names in the industry.

    In 2011, ICS launched a new subline called “ICS.” This subline focuses on creating replicas of popular airsoft guns such as the M4A1 Carbine, AKM Assault Rifle, and MP5 Submachine Gun. These guns are extremely accurate replicas of real firearms and come with a lifetime warranty.


    When it comes to producing quality replicas of firearms, there is no one better than KWA. They are known for making some of the best replicas out there and even though they are primarily known for their airsoft guns, they do make some very impressive real steel products as well.

    The company was founded in 1998 and has been growing steadily since then. In addition to being one of the biggest names in the industry today, they are also one of the oldest companies in the world.

    They have a lot of different categories in their catalog, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, carbines, and submachine guns. Each category contains several types of weapons, such as blowback, semi-auto, pump action, bolt action, etc.


    Based in Hong Kong, this manufacturing company has been producing airsoft guns since 19985 and has become one of the most respected manufacturers worldwide. They are known for making some of the best airsoft rifles and pistols out there, and their products are always reliable and accurate. They offer everything from entry-level models to full-blown sniper rifles and even custom builds.

    Their mission statement says that they want to make every airsoft enthusiast happy, and we think they definitely succeed in doing so. With over 30 different types of firearms and accessories to choose from, they surely have something for everyone.

    In fact, their entire product range is based on three core values: Quality, Reliability, and Durability. These three words describe what makes their products stand out among others, and why they are considered to be one of the best brands in the world.


    Innovative and affordable airsoft gun manufacturer CYMA is based out of Shenzhen, China. Their main focus is producing quality replicas of popular weapons from Japan, Germany, and America. What sets them apart from other manufacturers is their ability to produce very low-cost replicas while still maintaining the same level of quality as the original product.

    Some of their most popular products include their replica M4A1 carbines, M16 rifles, MP5 submachine guns, and G36 assault rifles. Some of their products even look better than the originals! For example, their G36 rifle looks almost identical to the actual weapon, except it doesn’t have the folding stock and it has a black finish instead of the original green one.

    They also offer several different lines of AEGs including their entry-level “Basic”, mid-range “Standard”, and high-end “Professional”. Each model features a unique set of upgrades and accessories.


    Systema Professional Training Weapons is a brand that produces realistic weapons for airsoft games. Their products include everything from pistols and rifles to shotguns and machine guns. They even produce laser sights for airsoft guns. These items are designed to work with AEGs, which are battery-operated. This allows them to simulate real firearms while keeping costs down.

    The company was founded in 2009, and they’ve been growing ever since. In fact, they’re now considered one of the best companies out there. They make some excellent quality equipment, and it’s no surprise why. If you want something that feels like a real gun, and you don’t mind paying a pretty penny, this might just be what you’re looking for.

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